Autumnal equinox is fast approaching. Temperatures are dropping slightly. We can start wearing warmer clothes if only for a change in style. I for one am ready to decorate my home to bring the warmth of the season indoors.  Pumpkins, gourds, and acorns add that special touch of fall to your décor.  There really is something special in the fall air, maybe it is from the harvest moon on September 20?



We are going into a season where there are several opportunities to change up your decorations and I plan to take full advantage of them! You can modify your décor for Halloween, Día de los Muertos (my new favorite), and Thanksgiving. For now, I will decorate for fall. My color scheme is white/off-white, green and silver. I have painted old orange pumpkins to match my theme. Recycling pumpkins saves money and space (this makes my husband very happy).  I am a firm believer in reusing what you already have in order to save money where you can. Hopefully, you can find pumpkins for your décor.

Creating a pumpkin heaven is the goal and deciding where to start decorating is a big decision. So, let’s jump right in and start with your table. I will be using a silver tray this year with a medium sized off-white pumpkin. To fill the tray, I scattered small green pumpkins along with an unwound country mix acorn/grapevine garland. Underneath will be a table runner I found on Amazon https://amzn.to/3EgQMYC.         




Usually, I plan my place settings for the season while I decorate my table. We entertain quite a bit on the weekends, and I like to have the table completely planned out in my head. This year will be rustic green chargers, white plates, natural-colored napkins and an off-white pumpkin to top it off. Having a plan will make it easy to impress your guests at the drop of a hat.



Next, move on to your living spaces. I have a small home so I will decorate a mantle and a shelf. Staying within the theme, I will mix textures, colors and sizes of pumpkins. On the mantle, I will add greenery and actual pumpkins. This is the first year I have found real/live white and light green pumpkins in the grocery store! Oh, the things I get excited about.


Now that you have decorated, it is time to rest and enjoy the scenery. Next week we will look at fall cooking. There are so many recipes that I can share for this season that are tried and true. We will continue with our pumpkin theme. They are so versatile and delicious.



Be the reason someone smiles today!








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